The Grids Digital Pack

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This Set of 10 Radial Grids comes in a variety of formats to use for digital drawing and symmetrical design on the iPad.  This set includes both images, a file with all the grids set up ready to go and a set of grid brushes for use in the Procreate App.  These are the grids I use for all my mandala designs.

The grid images are supplied in JPG format as well as PNG format which allows you to use it in layers anywhere within your art project file.  The PNG files are provided in both black and light blue and the PSD files are set up in the blue option.

You Will Receive: 

10 Black Ink Grids JPG format

10 Black Ink Grids PNG (transparent background) format

10 Light Blue Ink Grids PNG (transparent background) format

1 PSD layered file - Letter Sized Canvas - 10 blue grids / 1 per layer

1 PSD layered file - Square 2400px Canvas - 8 division grid in blue and drawing layer - set for Procreate App

1 Procreate Brush Set of 10 brushes - 1 for each grid 


If you would like to see how I use these grids for digital design visit my website


This set includes the following grids.

- 72 divisions at 5 degree sections

- 36 divisions at 10 degree sections

- 6 divisions at 60 degree sections

- 8 divisions at 45 degree sections

- 10 divisions at 36 degree sections

- 12 divisions at 30 degree sections

- 16 divisions at 22 1/2 degree sections

- 20 divisions at 18 degree sections

- 24 divisions at 15 degree sections

- 5 divisions at 72 degree sections

Note: divisions is the number of "pie" sections and degrees is the size of the 360 degree circle each "pie" section is.

Each grid can be used alone or together with the full grid of 72 or 36 divisions placed in layers within your project file. 

The image and PSD files will work with both Procreate App, Autodesk Sketchbook App and Graphic App.  The Brush Set will only work with the Procreate App

If you would like some tutorial suggestions on how to download these files and get them into the apps try out the following from my site.

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The Grids Digital Pack

11 ratings
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